And He saw that

it was good

- Genesis 1

A creator exercises forethought, facility, and freedom to wield their creation, employing a unique brilliance to do so. In response, creation realizes the aim, reveals the intention, and reflects the beauty of its creator. This remarkable relationship leaves those marveling who’ve beheld it. We believe that we’ve all been called to this relationship - even more, gifted with the purpose, parameters, and the privilege to create. We get to form, design, pen, orate, play and perform to the good appraisal of the Creator. Answer the Call to Create.

We coach, consult, and create alongside mission-driven teams to streamline projects. In every phase, we work with gospel integrity, ingenuity, and intention. We provide trusted support as we aim to see a resurgence of professionals, teams, and agencies bold about how and why we create. Let's do it well.

our Aim

meet the founder

Amos Evans completed higher education at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, where he studied Decision Science (business psychology and operations management) and minored in music technology. He returned to Washington, DC to work as a strategy consultant, leading research on organizational effectiveness, and supporting tech executives. Amos then completed a certificate at the Cue Studios Center for Audio Engineering.


While working full-time, he was groomed in ministry and pursued artistry. Carving his creative path helped him to discover his passion for aiding others to do the same. In 2017, he and four entrepreneurs established a collective, Anatomy Music Group. Their work and heart for the community helped to spark Create Well, as Amos provided management support to the team.

Success connecting independent creatives, touring, and recording digital releases provided a context for Amos to lay strategy, serve clients and grow as creative content maker. It wasn’t long before he discovered an untapped market, providing strategic management  support to independent creatives. Not long after, Create Well had begun working with artists, productions, educational programs, and businesses in the DMV.

Amos now leads research and development, production management, and performance services. He labored to design processes on foundations of faith, integrity, and excellence. His artistry, relational nature, and experience has served to expand the network of clients, partners, and sponsors who stand with the vision to create with purpose and passion, to the glory of God.

Create well.

It’s worship.

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