And He saw that

it was good

- Genesis 1

A creator wields their creation, employing a unique brilliance to do so. In response, creation reflects the integrity, the intention, and the ingenuity of its creator. This relationship is remarkable, and (when done well) it leaves those marveling who’ve beheld it! However, that isn’t always true of us. We’ve often turned good things into instruments for our own glory - slowly trading the Creator for created things. The truth is, we've been called to plan, produce, and perform all that we have to God’s glory. We are so compelled that we’ve committed to tell this story through our art and our lives. Answer the Call to Create.

We coach, consult, and create alongside mission-driven artists to streamline releases. Our deepest mission is to fill ears with gospel content, so we commit to always work with integrity, ingenuity, and intention. We aim to see musical artists, the industry, and the world transformed as we reflect the glory of our Creator. In the meantime, we are starting a resurgence of professionals, teams, and agencies who are bold about how and why we create. Let's do it well.


meet our founder 

Hailing from the nation’s capitol, Amos Evans always had distinct nature, eclectic interests, and breadth of artistic gifts. As a kid, he couldn’t choose between his piano or math book as his favorite. He went on to complete higher education at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, where he studied Decision Science (business psychology and operations management) and Music Technology. He returned to Washington, DC to lead research on organizational effectiveness and government technology.


While working full-time, Amos pursued artistry and was groomed in the work of ministry. Soon after, Amos completed a certificate at the Cue Studios Center for Audio Engineering. Carving his own unique creative path helped him to discover his passion for aiding others to do the same. In 2017, he and four colleagues established a DC creative collective, the Anatomy Music Group. Their work and heart for the community helped to spark Create Well Agency, which Amos founded to provide consulting and management support to the hundreds of independent creatives they interacted with after launching.

Their success at connecting creatives, touring, and and managing releases provided a context for Amos to employ unique strategies and develop content for others. It wasn’t long before he discovered an untapped market - strategy and management services for faith-based creative professionals and businesses. Create Well begun working with renowned artists, productions, educational programs, and businesses across the world of music and entertainment - particularly shining a beacon of light in integrity, commitment, and excellence.


Amos continues to manage consulting efforts, business development, and creative ventures across industries with that same foundation - while humbly producing compelling content and artistic releases of his own.

Create well.

It’s worship.