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(For Producers Only)


Services by Project:

Digital Contracts

Invoices & Band Payments

Project Management (iOS app)

Emails & Scheduling

Team Communications


1 Album, EP, or Single

The ADMIN Package, Plus +

Songwriting & Arranging

Session Musicians

Editing, Mixing, & Mastering

Publishing & Distribution

(5 Hours) Coaching



30-Day Campaign

The PRODUCTION Package, Plus +

Cover Art Design

Music or Lyric Video

(4) Motion Graphics

Spotify Playlist Pitching

Promotion Schedule


Is Create Well a "label"?

No. We are a Christian music management agency with a network of project managers, music producers, engineers, coaches, and promoters. Labels ("major" or "indie") manage your career or finance [and own] the music you create. We simply partner with you to produce and promote your music, based on your vision.

Is studio time included in the rate?

Yes. Studio hours are included in every production package, and we partner with award-winning facilities to get you the best times and rates. Plus, we know that managing 10+ musicians / singers isn't easy!

Do you handle contracts & split sheets?

Yes. We handle split sheets, collaboration agreements, and contractor agreements - which are tedious (and troublesome to get wrong). Our legal advisors keep us in compliance with music and entertainment laws, so we can walk you through decisions about publishing, royalties, and distribution.

What's is the process like?

First, tell us more about you! We'll get an understanding of your vision and craft a proposal for you! Then, we'll guide you through each phase, connecting weekly until your song or promotion is complete!

Can I use my own musicians, singers, etc.?

During COVID, we follow strict standards with our partners to ensure the best quality for your files and to reduce revisions between remote teams. Before we begin, we will hand-select and confirm a team with you. Request access to our referral network of professional producers, beatmakers, backing vocalists (bgvs), and more.

I still have more questions!

Chat with us now (use the black button on the bottom), Book a Consultation, or email us at 

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