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Create Well is a management agency focused on helping independent artists and producers to release faith-based music. We love music, because it helps us to reach hearers around the world with the very truth that compels us to create. As a Release Manager, you are tasked with leading arguably the most important phase of the creative process - developing and releasing content for the world to see and hear.

Your Role:

On behalf of artists, you will oversee teams, schedules, and products across the following areas for 2 to 4 hours per week over a range of 4 to 12 weeks for singles and up to 24 weeks for albums.

  • Artist coaching and development

  • Music recording and production

  • Brand development, design, and writing

  • Digital publishing & distribution

  • Music marketing and promotion


Your Qualities

  • You are well-educated in the Christian music industry (artists, styles, etc).

  • You are familiar with the full music production and promotion lifecycle

  • You are able to jump between the big picture and the small details seamlessly.

  • You are just as tech-savvy as you are creative

  • You aren't afraid to let your faith shine in your work. In fact, you prefer it. 



  • Rates will be tracked hourly (although retainer rates may be discussed). This new role is bound to scale quickly as new needs arise and inquiries increase, likely developing into our Release Management Director. The music business is strategic and fast-moving, so our model reflects that.



  • You will meet directly with recording artists around the world (many who have charted on Billboards or will soon do so, with your help).

  • You will easily become our artists’ favorite person and their first call for advice as their music career progresses!

  • You will have access to the best consultants, producers, labels, and professional networks the music industry has to offer, at your fingertips.

  • You will take part in a faith-based working environment that values your professional and personal contributions to our mission to bring glory to God through music.



Email a few words about your personal and professional background, plus a resume to

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