"They displayed great talents in weekly consultation and planning, professional writing and client engagement. Not only will they bring the kind of skills and experiences you’re looking for, they will quickly become an asset and help your company grow in any way they can."

James Hairston IV - Creative Director

Jonathan McReynolds, Kierra Sheard

Create Well" more than lives up to its name. You impressed me with your knowledge and wisdom, hearing me, instructing and guiding me, moving in compassion and patience, and tracking details, timelines, and deadlines as you empowered me to execute my single.

Harriett Bennett 

CCM Recording Artist & Poet

With the Covid shut down we had to maximize our online resources. They took inventory of assets that could be leveraged in social media and developed a Music Strategy from planning to the production. They built trust with us from exploration to execution and provided insightful advise on things we did not see.

Aaron & Tiffany Johnson, Doxa Music

Epiphany Fellowship Church


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